House catches fire, Sprint Fails.

The first call on the 27-year-old’s phone resulted in a fast busy signal. His second attempt ended in a dropped call. The third time, he called, he got a “signal faded” message on his phone.

At that point, Tim threw the cell phone in a neighbor’s back yard and asked some kids on the sidewalk to call 911, according to his mother, Terri Del Buono.

Full Story Here.


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Sick of Dropped Calls? Me Too.

Welcome to  This site is intended to give current and past disgruntled Sprint Wireless customers a place to vent.  For the last several days, I have had EVERY single call DROP.  Not only me, but a lot of people in my area are posting on Facebook about their problems with Sprint.  ANd a lot of people are giving different asnwers as to what Sprint is telling them, dates for a remedy in particular, stretching form just one day all the way to three months.  As for me, a biz cusomter with four lines, they offered me a $25.00 credit.  To that I say, Suck My Signal and Bite My Bars.  All one of them.  See, my phone goes from zero to three bars and back in less than 60 milliseconds.  I called Sprint, and they had to call me back twice because of dropped calls.  Funny thing is, they ask you at the beginning, what is a good number to call you back at in case we lose the call.  Nothing like honesty.  So today is just the beginning.  I am likely going to port my numbers out, and Sprint is likely going to try and bill me and charge me a  fee for early termination of my contract. I will keep you updated, and I will also open this site to the community of users to opine and report problems and pool our information so that as a group we can confront Sprint and fight the charges of they levy on us as a group.  There is power in numbers, and Sprint is going to have a PR problem they really dont need right now.  You know, you cant hear a Pin Drop when there is nobody on the other end, and you cant brag about an unlimited data plan for a smartphone when you cant even keep a signal for more than a few minutes. Yes, your data is limited by dropped signals.   Stay Tuned.
Today is April 12th and the problem continues.  I have just filed a complaint with the better business bureau.  Sprint has been telling customers too bad, deal with it until June. Sorry. Not happening.

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